Frame Repair: FAQ

Frame Repair: FAQ

Frame Repair: FAQAfter a collision, it's important to have your vehicle professionally inspected to see if any frame damage has occurred. Even minor accidents may inflict frame damage, which can make your vehicle unsafe to drive. If your car needs frame straightening, you'll want the work to be done at a shop that specializes in this type of repair. At Magic Touch Paint and Body, our local body shop provides expertise with automotive frame repair in the greater Lewisville, TX area. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about vehicle frame repair.

How is frame repair completed?

At our Lewisville body shop, we use high-tech frame straightening equipment that returns the frame to factory specs. Through a combination of precise measurements and extreme force, the frame is pushed/pulled back into its original form.

How often do accidents cause frame damage?

Approximately half of all car accidents cause the frame to be damaged to some extent. Even if your accident seeed minor, there's still a risk that frame damage occurred.

Why is it dangerous to drive with frame damage?

When a frame is damaged, it is more likely to snap, which could lead to a serious accident. And when driving with a damaged frame, your vehicle's structural integrity is compromised, which makes you more susceptible to injury during an accident. Also, with a misshapen frame, the uneven weight distribution can cause your car to handle unsafely, increasing your accident risk.

Where can I get top-quality frame repair in Lewisville, TX?

At our local body shop, our technicians have extensive experience with flawlessly completing frame repair. We'll make completely sure that your car's frame is properly restored and that your vehicle is once again safely drivable.

Collision Repair in Lewisville, TX

When you need collision repair in Lewisville and the surrounding area, contact Magic Touch Paint and Body at (469) 300-3489. At our nearby body shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's cosmetic needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: May 2022

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