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The vision behind the success of Magic Touch and its Companies, is the ability to go beyond the traditional automotive solutions methodology, and to strategically create solutions that have changed the industry.  Innovation never comes easily, but through sacrifice, years of hard work, and becoming experienced in every area of the the automotive business, the differentiator for Magic Touch and its companies, is the ability to invent technology that has set new standards for automotive reconditioning and its benchmarks. We have invested years at Magic Touch perfecting our formula for success. 
  • We have been servicing the DFW metroplex for 17 years
  • Over 100 years combined service in Auto Body Solutions
  • Patented Technology and Innovative Process'
  • Serving thousands of Auto Dealerships Nationwide
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Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR) is a unique patented repair process that virtually erases scratches on any auto finish. This incredible process only  takes minutes and provides permanent results.

In addition, SSR’s products and process’ are environmentally friendly, offering a cost effective, permanent alternative to traditional touch-up systems and body shop repairs for minor scratches and chips that plague every vehicle owner.


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We offer a variety of services including a full service body shop, on site automotive dealer scratch repair, retail "while you wait" sprayless scratch repair and individual business opportunities.



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Start your own business with Sprayless Scratch Repair's (SSR) auto conditioning small business program. Join the #1 brand for Sprayless Scratch Repair, with proven world-class patented technology. The SSR business opportunity is unlike any other in the industry and comparatively, the start-up costs are much less than most franchise opportunities. Our team will work with you to develop winning business techniques, even if you have never owned your own business before. We offer a complete proven business program that will enable you to quickly ramp up your business, we want you to succeed and we'll help you do it.

  • Proven and Patented Technology
  • Unlimited income potential and high profit margins
  • Unsaturated Major Markets still available
  • Incredible demand with Name Brand Recoginition
  • Superb marketing, training and support
  • Reap the benefits of collective buying power

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Our Companies | Overview of Products and Services

Magic Touch Inc. | Automotive Collison Repair & Restoration

Magic Touch's Automotive Company offers complete automotive collision restoration.

Repair, Restoration and Detail Services

  • Our patented Spray less Scratch Repair Technology
  • Paint less Dent Repair
  • Bumper Repair and Paint
  • Windshield Repair
  • Cloth Repair
  • Leather and Vinyl Repair
  • Full Restoration Services
  • Full Detail Service
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    Sprayless Scratch Repair, Inc. | SSR Patented Technology

    America's most trusted name in Auto Scratch Repair. Our company Sprayless Scratch Repair, Inc. provides the automotive industry with the only patented sprayless scratch repair (SSR) process. SSR products are distributed to the automotive market place through multiple channels.

    Our Channel Management Market Strategies:

    • SSR Business Opportunities Program: | Find Out More
      • We have Certified technicians that have met our certification criteria and training requirements, They operate as independent licensed technicians.
    • Automotive Dealer Direct: | Find Out More
      • SSR Dealer Direct Team, provides SSR services to major Auto Dealerships in the DFW area.
    • Direct to Public: | Find Out More
      • SSR provides our SSR products direct to the public in the DFW area by appointment only.

    White Distribution Inc. | Automotive Reconditioning Distribution

    Mar10 Demo Image

    White's Distribution is Magic Touch Inc.'s new resource outlet dedicated to the advancement of the automotive reconditioning market. We work with suppliers to insure the best quality products at the lowest prices possible. We look forward to serving you supply needs.

    We offer supplies for various fields of expertise.

    • Paintless dent repair (PDR)
    • Scratch Repair(SSR)
    • Bumper repair
    • Windshield repair
    • Interior repair
    • Various body shop supplies

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